StreetSpace Sailortown
Mapping the past, present and future of Sailortown, by looking at the stories and experiences of local residents, and proposing spaces and buildings for the community.
StreetSpace is a research and teaching project at Queen's University Belfast. The project works in collaboration with academia, government and local communities to analyse streets and fulfil their potential to be people-centred, accessible and inclusive public spaces.
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This project is funded by the Department for Communities and supported by Belfast City Council and the Culture and Society research cluster at Queen’s University Belfast. We work in collaboration with Sailortown Regeneration, Household and many other local community groups and individuals.

1963 Sailortown

We use graphic anthropology to investigate Sailortown’s past through the stories of people. This rich and diverse investigation opens many doors into the lives of different people who lived in Sailortown, those who live here now, and those who could potentially live her e in the future.

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