StreetSpace Sailortown

Sustainable Living

John Doherty

Having interviewed several participants from Sailortown and identified a need for housing, I proposed a housing scheme which is both socially and environmentally sustainable. To find a solution which was both socially and environmentally sustainable I focused on providing a large proportion of usable outdoor space with green roofs and vegetable gardens to provide residents with a place to come together, mingle and share a common hobby. I identified a site along the river Lagan which provided the perfect location for a roof top terrace with views over the river where couples could watch the sunrise, teenagers could meet their friends and kids could come to splash about in the water. The terrace will lead down to a reactivated waterfront full of activity including bathing areas and boating. The gardens will also provide residents with and area to produce food sustainably, reducing the carbon miles associated with importing and distrusting the food and reducing the need for additional plastic packaging. At ground floor level, a farmers market provides an area for residents to sell their produce to the wider community. This market also acts as an additional social space for residents and locals to meet. The materials in the building have been chosen to be as sustainable as possible to reduce the associated embodied carbon and to reduce the amount of material which ends up in landfill at the end of the buildings life. Materials chosen include: a sustainable alternative to concrete called ferock, CLT, wood fibre insulation and reclaimed timber cladding.

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