StreetSpace Sailortown


Nehal Jain

The brief of the project called for the design of an architectural space that could cater to the various needs of the community at Sailortown. The project aims to bring together people across age groups and academic fields in order to generate a vibrant community space for sharing knowledge and ideas. The design aims to provide to the needs of students, practitioners, professors and members of the general public from various backgrounds. The resulting project intents to thus, improve the sense of community in the neighborhood.

Project Images

The primary intention of the design is to provide an inviting atmosphere to the general public within and around Sailortown. Furthermore, the program extends to more specifically extend to the requirements of certain creative fields. The site chosen for this project sits along the Corporation street opposite to the Sinclair Seamen’s Church that marks the entry to Sailortown which would be a key to drawing in people from the city center as it is in a close proximity. The perforated tiles in the scheme not only create tiny sneak-peeks for the passerby but serve as a design solution to curb the noise from the surrounding traffic by maximizing reflective surfaces.

The proposed building can be accessed right across at the street level, as it has two entrances, encouraging visitors even if they are not willing to use the services at library. The program includes informal spaces like the Café, Maker’s space, Creator’s space, Community hall and Meeting spaces that encourage a larger footfall.

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